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- Very comprehensive algorithms to ensure risk free operations
- The safety measures beyond the standards
- In-house developed unique solution; on-the-ground object detection
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- Aluminum & Stainless steel parts where needed
- Premium surface coating for life time use - Each part; engineering solution that does not require adjusting or replacing
- Applied and certified standards
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- Designed not for economic productivity, but also for the best user experience
- No experience with sharp edges, unsuitable surfaces and greasy chains
- Practical systems for everyone, not only for engineers or technicians
- To park, not to struggle on a badly designed environment
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- Standard systems with increased power for reasonable operating times
- Measurement of value in automated parking systems; performance
- Operation time of each user; key value for overall performance
- The high-speed pallet transfer mechanism, which minimizes the operation time
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- Very modular components
- Optimized layout in reasonable dimensions
- Compact design of each component against the use of idle space
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- Reduced delivery and installation time
- Economy; improving productivity by not compromising the quality
- Create value for customer and user by all aspects
- Trouble free operation. Minimized service cost