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Automated parking systems have a number of sustainability benefits over conventional parking. The precise benefits would vary with system type and project site but the general potential benefits are listed below.

  • Potential reduction in operational energy consumption through no internal lighting requirements (except for maintenance), simple ventilation as only two air changes per hour are required and no requirement for other energy consuming assets including passenger lifts, amenities and barrier control systems.
  • Reduced vehicles emissions (CO2, NOx, PM10) as engines are switched off during parking process.
  • Ability for system to be powered by Low or Zero Carbon (LZC) emitting electrical generation, e.g. wind turbines, solar or biomass.
  • Low embodied carbon in materials used.
  • Smaller building footprint reduces the need for excavation and ground works, reducing the amount of construction waste sent to landfill.
  • Minimization of waste as standardized modular units constructed offsite using modern methods of construction.
  • High levels of recycled content through the use of steel in equipment (steel has high levels of recycled content).
  • Opportunity for ‘take back’ and and regenerative drives.
  • Nontoxic materials used (e.g. volatile organic compounds in paints).
  • Dramatic reduction in watercourse pollution risk if oil interceptors are used throughout the on the parking pallets (pallet systems).
  • Minimizing local flood impacts through reduced runoff velocity.
  • Reduced risk of accidents to pedestrians.
  • Provision for cyclists as the parking pallets can contain bike racks (pallet systems).
  • Preferred parking for car sharing and low emission vehicles.
  • Electric vehicle charging facilities.
  • Small building footprint and discrete public entrance makes APSs a possible solution for historic areas as impact on surrounding buildings is reduced.
  • Increased personal security and safety especially at night.
  • Reduced acoustic noise.
  • Spaces accessible to all users, e.g. disabled (all spaces ADA compliant) or parents with children.

Adopted from www.automatedparking.com